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China Hot selling DIN Power Transmission Industry Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Heavy Duty a B Series Conveyor Chain for Industrial Applications Roller Chain 08b\10b\12b\16b

Product Description


Product Description

Vision Group is 1 of the largest manufacturers of Driving Chain, Conveyor Chain, Motorcycle Chain, Hoisting Chain, Agriculture Chain, Stainless Steel Chain, Dropped Forged Rivetless Chain, Long Pitch Conveyor Chain and so on.




ISO9001: 2000 and ISO1400: 2004.

Product Attribute

Product name Transmission Standard Roller Chain

Surface Treatment

Shot Peening ,Tempering Oiling  ,Nickel-plated
Grease, zince plated, Heat Treatment ,Stain proofing
Carburizing ,Pre-stretched and anti-fatigue ,Quenching    
Product application Industry machine,Agriculture, mining, metallurgy,
petrochemical industry, lifting
and transportation and other industries
Product Series

Series A, Series B, Heavy Duty
Zinc-plated, Nickel-plated
 SP series ,SH series
Double pitch series


Stainless steel and carbon steel




Any sea port or airport in China

Brand TV OEM

L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union


Chain, Plastic Bag, Color Box, Wooden Case. or OEM

A Series 03C,04C-1,06C-1,085-1,08A-1,10A-1,12A-1,16A-1,20A-1,24A-1,28A-1,32A-1,36A-1,40A-1,48A-1.






B Series 05B-1,06B-1,08B-1,10B-1,12B-1,16B-1,20B-1,24B-1,28B-1,32B-1,40B-1,48B-1,56B-1,64B-1,72B-1.
Heavy Duty  08AH-1,10AH-1,12AH-1,16AH-1,20AH-1,24AH-1,28AH-1,32AH-1,36AH-1,40AH-1,48AH-1






Double pitch Series


We also carry out OEM according to your requirements


Product Parameters

Our Advantages

Company advantages:
Own Import & Export License, The TV trade mark registered successfully in many countries, Sales network spread all over China, Products export to 65 countries in 5 continents.

1. The member of China General Machine Components Industry Association.
2. The member of China Chain Transmission Association.
3. The member of China Chain Standardization Association.
4. The member of China Agricultural Association Machinery Manufacturers.

With our excellent trained staffs and workers, advanced and efficient equipments, completely sales network, strict QA systems. You are confidence that our premium qualified chain can meet all customers’ specification and strictest quality standards.


Comprehensive Product Portfolio We produce and supply a wide range of power transmission
products including drive chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, agricultural chains, sprockets, and
couplings. This one-store-for-all shopping experience will significantly reduce your searching costs while
guarantee youfind what you want at 1 click.

Value Choice Products Our products are the best combination of quality and price, and you get what
you want within your budgets

Seasoned Sales Associates and Engineers We have 15 seasoned sales associates and 5 engineers;
on our team at your disposal any time when you need a helping hand. They are well trained with industry
know-now and will always respond to your requests within 24 hours.
100% Customer Retention Rate Our regular customers from overseas come back not just for our
premium quality products, but for the superior services that we’ve provided over the years.


Q1: What’s your average lead time?
A: It varies. Our regular end-to-end lead time is 1-2 months.. We also provide express shipments for rush orders. For details,please consult our sales associate.

Q2: Is your price better than your competitors given the same quality?
A: Definitely YES. We provide the most competitive price in the power transmission industry. If price disparity exists, we’ll be more than happy to do a price match.
Q3: Can you make chains according to my CAD drawings?
A: Yes. Besides the regular standard chains, we produce non-standard and custom-design products to meet the specific technical requirements. In reality, a sizable portion of our production capacity is assigned to make non-standard products.

Q4: Can we inspect the goods before shipment?
A: Yes. You or your representative or any third-party inspection party assigned is allowed access to our facility and do the inspection.

Q5: What kind of payment method is acceptable for your mill?
A: We’re flexible. We take T/T, L/C, or any other online payment methods so long as it’s applicable for you.

Q6: What if I have any other questions?
A: Whenever in doubt, you’re always encouraged to consult our sales associate any time – They will help you to your satisfaction.


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Usage: Transmission Chain
Material: Alloy/Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment: Polishing


Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

roller chain

How do roller chains handle shock and impact loads?

Roller chains are designed to handle shock and impact loads, but their ability to withstand these loads depends on several factors:

1. Chain Design: Roller chains are constructed with durable components, including rollers, pins, and plates, which are designed to handle the forces generated by shock and impact loads. The geometry and dimensions of these components contribute to the chain’s overall strength and ability to resist deformation.

2. Material Selection: High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of roller chains to enhance their strength and durability. Common materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, or specialty alloys. The material selection depends on the specific application requirements and the level of shock and impact loads anticipated.

3. Chain Tension: Proper chain tension is important for handling shock and impact loads. Adequate tension helps maintain the engagement of the chain with the sprockets, preventing slippage and reducing the likelihood of damage due to sudden forces. However, excessive tension can also contribute to increased stress and potential failure, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for chain tension.

4. Lubrication: Proper lubrication plays a crucial role in reducing friction and wear, which can be accelerated by shock and impact loads. Lubricants help minimize the generation of heat and provide a protective film between the chain components, reducing wear and extending the chain’s lifespan. Regular lubrication and maintenance are essential for optimal performance under shock and impact conditions.

5. Chain Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance are necessary to identify any signs of wear, damage, or elongation in the roller chain. Chains should be inspected for bent or deformed links, worn-out rollers or pins, and excessive elongation. Any worn or damaged components should be replaced promptly to prevent further deterioration and ensure the chain’s ability to handle shock and impact loads.

It’s important to note that while roller chains are designed to handle shock and impact loads, excessive or repetitive shock loads can shorten their lifespan. Therefore, it’s recommended to assess the specific application requirements and consult with the manufacturer to ensure the appropriate chain design and maintenance practices are followed for optimal performance and longevity under shock and impact conditions.

roller chain

How do roller chains handle static loads?

Roller chains are primarily designed for transmitting power and handling dynamic loads, which involve motion and varying forces. However, roller chains can also handle static loads to some extent. Here’s a detailed answer to the question:

1. Load Distribution: When a roller chain is subjected to static loads, the weight or force is evenly distributed across multiple rollers and pins. This helps to distribute the load more effectively and reduces stress concentrations on individual components. The load is transferred from one roller to another through the pins, ensuring a more balanced distribution.

2. Stiffness: Roller chains possess a certain degree of stiffness that enables them to resist static loads. The rigid construction of the chain, including the link plates and pins, helps maintain the integrity of the chain under static conditions. This stiffness allows the chain to support the applied load without excessive elongation or deformation.

3. Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for roller chains to handle static loads effectively. Lubrication helps reduce friction and wear, which can occur even under static conditions due to the weight of the load. Adequate lubrication ensures smooth movement of the chain and minimizes the risk of surface damage or increased friction during load-bearing.

4. Chain Preload: In some cases, applying a pre-load or initial tension to the roller chain can help improve its ability to handle static loads. The pre-load helps to eliminate any slack or looseness in the chain, enhancing its rigidity and reducing the potential for excessive elongation or misalignment when subjected to static forces.

While roller chains can handle static loads, it’s important to note that they are primarily designed for dynamic applications involving motion. Excessive static loads or prolonged exposure to static conditions may lead to increased wear, elongation, or deformation of the chain. In scenarios where the majority of the load is static, alternative power transmission systems or load-bearing mechanisms may be more suitable.

roller chain

What are the common applications of roller chains?

Roller chains are widely used in various industries and applications where reliable power transmission is required. Here’s a detailed answer to the question:

1. Industrial Machinery: Roller chains are commonly used in industrial machinery such as conveyors, material handling equipment, packaging machines, printing presses, textile machinery, and woodworking equipment. They provide efficient and reliable power transmission in these applications.

2. Automotive: Roller chains are used in automotive applications, including engine timing systems, camshaft drives, and drive chains for motorcycles and bicycles. They are known for their strength, durability, and ability to handle high loads and speeds.

3. Agriculture: Roller chains are extensively used in agricultural machinery, including tractors, combine harvesters, hay balers, and crop sprayers. They are capable of transmitting power in harsh and demanding agricultural environments.

4. Construction Equipment: Roller chains find applications in construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and concrete mixers. They provide reliable power transmission for heavy-duty operations in construction sites.

5. Mining and Quarrying: Roller chains are used in mining and quarrying equipment, including rock crushers, conveyor systems, and drilling rigs. They are designed to withstand heavy loads, abrasive materials, and harsh operating conditions in these industries.

6. Food Processing: Roller chains with food-grade lubricants and corrosion-resistant coatings are used in food processing equipment, including conveyor systems, bottling machines, and bakery equipment. They meet the strict hygiene and safety standards required in the food industry.

7. Material Handling: Roller chains are essential in material handling systems, such as overhead cranes, forklifts, and palletizers. They enable smooth and reliable movement of goods in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

8. Power Transmission Systems: Roller chains are employed in power transmission systems that require efficient and precise power delivery, such as power presses, machine tools, and industrial automation equipment.

9. Renewable Energy: Roller chains are used in wind turbines and solar tracking systems to transmit power from the turbine or solar panels to the generator or electrical grid.

10. Marine and Offshore: Roller chains are utilized in marine and offshore applications, including shipbuilding, offshore drilling rigs, and port equipment. They provide reliable power transmission in challenging marine environments.

These are just some of the common applications where roller chains are widely used. The versatility, durability, and reliability of roller chains make them suitable for a wide range of industries and machinery.

China Hot selling DIN Power Transmission Industry Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Heavy Duty a B Series Conveyor Chain for Industrial Applications Roller Chain 08b\10b\12b\16b  China Hot selling DIN Power Transmission Industry Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Heavy Duty a B Series Conveyor Chain for Industrial Applications Roller Chain 08b\10b\12b\16b
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China manufacturer Heavy Duty Rivetless Forged Chain X348 Industry Standard Carbon Steel Chain and Forged Link Chain Steel Forging Chain for Conveyor Painting Line Chain Syrtem wholesaler

Merchandise Description

About Factory 

With much more than eighteen years’ histiory, we are a professinal maker for drop forged merchandise these kinds of as cast chain (X348 X458 X658 X678 X698 F100 F160), scraper chain (10160, 14218, 14226, 142N), conveyor trolley (X348, X458, X678, XT160), and generate chain (X348, X458, X678), and so forth standard moulds of chain. 

Apart from, we can also make as for each your drawing or sample, unique url chain, pusher, pin and plate, according to customers’ distinctive needs.

Solution Description

1) Content: Alloy metal, 40Cr, 42CrMo and so on.
two) Kinds: X348 X458 X658 X678 X698 F100 F160, and so on. (Or as for every your drawing)
3) Process: Moulding→Forging→Polishing & Blasting→Fine machining→Heat treatment→Blasting→Inspecting & testing→Packing

Technical Information

Products & Tests Equipments

Items Application

Packing & Delivery

Why Choose Us?

1. We are engaged in chain industry above fifteen several years with prosperous market encounter. We hold bettering production strategies. All the products have lengthier operating life and have handed the industry test.

two. We can design and style the right chains with large good quality materials, great abrasion resistance, good corrosion, higher improve and and so forth as for each your request or the chain software.

three. We are the chain maker you can immediately purchase the merchandise from us with minimal cost and higher high quality.

4. We have a professional team for international trade, they have considerable ordeals and are usually prepared to fix troubles for buyers. So you have absolutely nothing to fret about.

5. We have the lengthy-term cooperative forwarder who can give us the lowest freight. And it can help you to save the freight. What’s more, for the FCL, we will design the offers as per the container sizes with the largest capability to save the shipping cost for both of us.


Sorts of Roller Chains

There are numerous types of roller chains accessible. These chains have distinct houses and provide distinct needs. Below you will learn about diamond roller chains, X-ring and O-ring chains, inverted tooth chains, and self-lubricating chains. You can decide on the variety that very best satisfies your needs by looking through this report. It will also aid you make an informed determination. Acquiring the appropriate roller chain for your wants is effortless. Hope this article is beneficial to you!

Diamond roller chain

Diamond roller chains are much more effective than other chains and can considerably extend chain existence. The excellent design of the chain stops inner rust from seeping out. Furthermore, Diamond ACE functions a corrosion-resistant exterior and a zinc-nickel pre-assembled coating that gives prolonged corrosion protection and wear resistance. These characteristics reduce chain downtime and labor costs, preserving a building resources production business practically $33,000 in excess of the lifestyle of its equipment.
Diamond sequence chains direct the business in top quality and durability, with market-major tensile toughness and the most affordable whole expense of possession. With a various product portfolio which includes common chains, specialty chains, and personalized chains, the firm is confident to offer the appropriate chain for your application. The organization also delivers a broad selection of components for a variety of equipment. For a lot more data, please visit the organization internet site.
As a single of the leading companies of roller chains, the CZPT Organization gives unparalleled knowledge and use resistance in the electricity transmission market. CZPT is dependable by foremost industries and provides the optimum return on expense. The diamond is a symbol of energy and durability, and the firm selected it as the firm’s trademark to express its core values. CZPTs can last up to one hundred many years or more in harsh conditions, even in underwater environments.

Self-lubricating chain

Self-lubricating roller chains are developed to increase overall performance whilst preserving a substantial stage of cleanliness. These chains are manufactured of sintered alloy bushings impregnated with lubricant and pins specifically treated to release oil when required. These chains have a lengthy provider life and are suited for environments the place regular lubrication is difficult. Below are the rewards of self-lubricating roller chains.
Maintenance-free of charge self-lubricating roller chains are the excellent substitution for common roller chains. They are suitable for packaging, printing, textile, and sawmill purposes. These chains reduce downtime and increase productiveness. Additionally, they reduce the threat of contamination. Yet another advantage is that there are a lot of kinds of self-lubricating roller chains to decide on from, making it possible for you to decide on the a single that greatest suits your demands. To understand far more about these benefits, read through the Servicing Totally free Roller Chains Market place Report released by Dataintelo.
CAN-AM self-lubricating roller chains make sure adhere-cost-free procedure. These chains are obtainable in ANSI/BS standard and double pitch variants. They characteristic oil-impregnated bushings and preloaded sintered steel bushings for prolonged daily life. These self-lubricating roller chains are drop-in replacements for common roller chains and run on normal roller chain sprockets.

X-Ring and O-Ring Chains

Both O-ring and X-ring roller chains are sealed and unsealed. You will locate them on classic bikes and small economic system cars. Other programs include bulldozer treads and conveyor belts. Regular chains are made of straightforward plain bearings that call for lubrication each and every handful of hundred miles. Whilst the previous is the most inexpensive type of roller chain, they do require a lot more routine maintenance than O-rings.
The major variation among the two sorts of chains is the friction and expense they produce. X-rings are slightly significantly less pricey, but they generate less friction than O-rings. X-rings are a a lot more reasonably priced alternative for street riders, even though O-ring chains are more expensive for off-street racers. In some circumstances, X-ring and O-ring roller chains can be distinguished by the price tag tag on your own.
Both X-ring and O-ring roller sprockets are obtainable in a selection of designs. The two variations supply similar efficiency, but there are some crucial variations to think about. X-rings are generally greater for more time journey as they supply greater sturdiness and performance. O-rings are normally much more pricey than X-ring chains, but if you’re contemplating about long excursions, they’re a great option.

Reverse chain

Inverted roller chains are typically referred to as silent chains. They have two protrusions on every board. The outer floor is floor to consist of an angle of sixty or seventy degrees. These protrusions about the doing work surfaces of the sprocket tooth. The internal floor or form of the sprocket can clear the sprocket. This produces a silent but nonetheless valid chain. This kind of chain is used in transmissions to move hefty objects.
There are three fundamental sorts of inverted toothed roller chains. Easy chains are one chains, while double and triple chains have two or three strands. In these sorts of chains, the pins pass through-hardened steel bushings at the finishes of the links. The primary difference in between these kinds is their dimension. If you are not confident what dimension you require, first calculate the capacity of the chain. You may be surprised to find out that the more compact the diameter the better.
The number of links in a reverse roller chain determines the frequency of vibration. The frequency is dependent on the dimension of the chain and the length of the chain in between the sprockets. The shorter the chain, the larger the “pull” – the up-and-down jitter induced by the sprocket. This causes added peak masses on the generate and shortens its daily life.

PEER Chain’s Large Responsibility Sequence Double-Stranded Roller Chains

Heavy-obligation double-strand roller chains are excellent for industrial and agricultural use as they provide further stability and toughness. PEER Chains manufactures chains in numerous lengths and pitches and gives distinct add-ons like sprockets and pre tensioned chains. These chains are also accessible in a selection of various alloys and grades. Listed underneath are some of the most common employs for weighty-obligation double strand roller chains.
Large-responsibility PEER double-strand roller chains are offered in a selection of types and sorts, including the HKK NICKEL PLATED collection. These chains are very best suited for outdoor and mildly corrosive apps. They use a patented process to improve fatigue energy and reduce preliminary elongation. In addition, HKK double pitch twin-strand roller chains are lighter and much less high-priced than common roller chains.
The report also highlights the competitive environment and the latest market place tendencies. The report identifies essential gamers in the Roller Chains sector, such as production, revenue, and world-wide marketplace share. It also supplies thorough organization profiles and analyses of every vendor, which includes current item launches, partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions. It also provides the aggressive landscape, including business profiles, item mix, and creation scale. As soon as you know what to assume from the industry, you can make a purchasing determination.

Servicing of Mechanical Flexible Couplings

Correct upkeep of mechanical versatile couplings on roller chains is essential to making certain the appropriate procedure and reliability of the system. Servicing of these couplings includes periodic inspection of the factors. Examine for indicators of exhaustion and wear. Normal inspections will aid figure out when to change the coupling. It also helps decide the remaining lifestyle of the coupling.
Couplings need to be replaced periodically for the best possible efficiency. When replacing, be certain to use the correct areas. Make confident the coupling kind matches the coupling variety and chain measurement. Similar coupling areas may possibly not in shape, so a cross-reference manual or manufacturer’s spec number may possibly be valuable. Make confident that the coupling is fitted with a ideal roller chain.
Mechanical elastic couplings on the roller chain can be effortlessly lubricated to stay away from premature failure. Elastomeric couplings can accommodate minimal shaft misalignments and are appropriate for substantial rotational speeds. Also, it absorbs shocks. Its adaptability is owing to unfastened elements. Moreover, lubrication is important to minimize dress in on coupling factors.

Roller chain dimension

Being aware of the simple proportions of the rollers is essential if you want to locate the right roller chain for your demands. The a few key proportions of a roller chain are pitch, width, and pin diameter. These proportions are crucial since they are employed to determine the variety of chain. These dimensions do not generally show up in chain manufacturer catalogs. They are generally created for folks designing new equipment. They are not critical to servicing experts, but they are crucial to know if you are hunting for a certain kind of roller chain.
When you know the exact measurement of the chain, you can move on to deciding on the proper type. You can use the printable template to evaluate your chain, which makes it simple to examine with the dimensions chart. Never forget to check out the rest of the roller chain’s specs to make certain it suits your machine. Utilizing the Roller Chain Size Chart is an simple way to decide the correct duration, width, and peak for your application.
When getting a roller chain, be confident to check the quantity of enamel and the ratio of the two. A typical ratio is 2:1. The drive sprocket need to have at minimum two times as a lot of enamel as the roller sprocket. If the chain is employed for substantial precision, examine the sort of sprocket as this will determine the right dimension of the chain. You can also select between slip-suit ​​and press-fit mid plates.

China manufacturer Heavy Duty Rivetless Forged Chain X348 Industry Standard Carbon Steel Chain and Forged Link Chain Steel Forging Chain for Conveyor Painting Line Chain Syrtem     wholesaler